Beyonce: All the Curvy Ladies

enhanced-buzz-1052-1370958780-22 beyonce13n-2-webA couple of days ago, I reblogged this wonderful photo of the Queen Beyonce, appears on the left, wearing a bright printed gown by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. I am a huge fan of Cavalli’s work and every time I have seen celebrities in his designs, I am never disappointed. Beyonce has been wearing this gown in her latest “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour and she looks absolutely stunning from head to toe. It is no question that one of the many things we all love about Beyonce is her killer curves. She is embodies a goddess with all the right curves in the right places. Celebrities like Beyonce have remained true to their body image and refuse to be photo-shopped into a body image that they do not have. So when Italian designer Cavalli decided to release the sketch image of Beyonce, appears on the right, wearing his gown, fans were appalled. The image looks nothing like Beyonce. Her curves are gone, her body seems to have disappeared and the length of her legs are absolutely unrealistic. Beyonce herself is being portrayed rather grotesque. When the image went viral, fans were not hesitant to speak their minds. Twitter and Facebook comments erupted with negative comments on the image. Roberto Cavalli simply stated that the image was merely a sketch for the gown design and that is the way the models are usually sketched.

In my opinion…

At first when I read this article and saw the two images side by side, I was infuriated how someone can alter someone’s body to a way that is so unrealistic and so demeaning to those women who do have curves. But then I re-processed the information and realized that it really is just a sketch. Often when we see fashion designers sketch on television shows such as “Project Runway” or in person, we see an image of a tall, skinny model. The runways we see in our society are walked on by models of a nonexistent size. Therefore, it is not to much of a surprise that this sketch portrays a skinny woman with no curves. However, I do understand were Beyonce fans may be upset. Curves are powerful and beautiful; one should embrace them.

Read more on the issue: here

Here are some of my favorite Roberto Cavalli designs


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