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The Jumpsuit

20130617-092629.jpgHello to all my lovely followers! As another week begins, a whole new seven days of outfits are awaiting to come out of the closet. To start, I would like to wish a Happy Father’s day to all the exceptional men out there who are fathers, to those who may not have children of their own but are seen as father-figures, and to all the mothers who play the role of a father as well. We should be appreciative of our loved ones every single day of the year but thanks to days like these we are that much more grateful.

It is officially less than one month until my trip to Italy and Portugal and I couldn’t be anymore excited, yet apprehensive at the same time! I have made some amazing, if I do say so myself, purchases for my trip to Europe. This weekend I wore one of my favorite pant jumpsuits out for a casual stroll through town. This blue and white detailed piece is from BCBG purchased at the Jersey Shore Outlet Mall for a great deal. What I love about this jumpsuit is the coral belt attached to it which adds a pop of color to it. It is absolutely magnificent! I paired it with a pair of brown Steve Madden wedges, my go-to brown satchel from Aldo, and a delicious venti Very Berry Hibiscus with Lemonade! I personally love rompers/jumpsuits because they are super comfortable and fit the body well. Although they might fall under, the Summer Fashion Trends That Turn Guys Off” these stylish jumpsuits will forever be a gals favorite!

Below are three of the best fashionistas today, the stunning Kardashians in jumpsuits:


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