The Other Half: Hi Everyone!

"Play dress up begins at age five and never truly ends." Kate Spade

“Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” Kate Spade

Hi y’all! No, I am not southern but I do love saying that word, haha. Anyways, my name is Maiy Elbery and you can pronounce it just like the month — May. I am Catarina’s assistant on this blog. Catarina and I have something in common that has kept our bond so strong, and that is fashion. This blog is a way for us to express ourselves and share our love of fashion with the rest of you!

With your help we hope to make this blog as much about you as it is about us and we hope you contribute to our “Fashionably You” page. Fashion and style is not only found on the runway, it’s found in Forever 21, H&M and maybe even TJ Maxx, we both strongly believe that we don’t need to spend $100 on a shirt to be “fashionable”. My style is more edgy while Catarina keeps it classy. On this blog we will share what we believe is fashionable, while sharing what you all think as well and what makes it even better is Catarina is going to give us trends from another country! Which, to me, is totally exciting.

We both hope that you guys keep following us and reading our posts because we want our opinions and thoughts to be shared with everyone.

Thank you for being such awesome followers and feel free to ask questions, comment or give us feed back at any time you like.

Remember, Stay Beautiful.


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