So Scandalous

I hope you guys all got a chance to catch-up on my latest fashion blogger assistant Maiy Elbery and read through her about me on our, about the bloggers page as well as her latest post! Maiy and I met two semesters ago and instantly clicked. I love having her on board and cannot wait to see this journey prosper. Maiy is currently an intern at Style Studio New York and I enjoy hearing her workday experiences, which has inspired me to make a blog post on what to wear when going to work.

With the sun-kissed weather and endless nights, one always seems to be in a halt when deciding what to wear to work. Currently, I am working at the library at my University and have leeway to wear whatever I chose. However, this is not the case for everyone. For those who are in a more business casual environment, I suggest opening up a new tab right now and typing in “Scandal“.

I have recently become obsessed with Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope. The way she carries herself, the way she dresses, everything about her is amazing! If you have not watched Scandal, please do! It depicts a love story between a very much married President of the United States involving in an affair with of the best “gladiators” in the world who was once on his presidential committee. (I cannot give away too much!) Season one is on Netflix and I promise you, you will not regret it! Olivia Pope takes business casual to an extreme classy bar. The sophistication in her outfits allows you to trust in her and shows that she is the boss. An outfit is not only putting on some clothes, but rather so the way you wear it. The way you carry yourself can be influenced by the way you dress and vice versa. If someone seems like they do not care about their attire, then it might show off as if that person doesn’t care about much. This could lead to a future employer thinking you’re not really into what you do.

Below are some photos of Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal looking fabulous as always. Every episode she tops her work trousers with a well-fitting blazer or silk blouse with minimal accessories. The simplicity yet classiness is what makes her character strong. You don’t have to overdo an outfit because you’re going to work. Too much is not always good. Simple, sweet and straight to the point can go a long way. Just check it out below!

In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.


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