Cheeks for Days

It’s Summer time and one question that always comes to my mind is, “to go Brasilian bottoms or not to go?”

It is no question that in places such as South America and Europe, women love to show off their bodies in the very little piece of fabric they call a bikini. I am all for a woman feeling confident in her own body and showing off what her momma gave her! However, in the United States it is very difficult to find women on the beach who expose their bodies as we would see in, let’s say, Brasil. Bikini bottoms found in stores are often very conservative and leave a lot of room for the imagination. In my opinion, this leaves women who would rather wear something more exposing, a little self-conscious and weary about what to wear to the beach. One feels more confident surrounded by those who are like them. If you surround yourself in a beach with women in thongs, then you will feel more relaxed. But if you surround yourself with women in full covered bottoms, that confidence might just disappear.

Luckily, for those who are more into cheeky bikini bottoms and want to expose themselves, Victoria’s Secret is starting to come out with a variety of bikini bottoms that can appeal to anyone’s preference. I, prefer to be a little more exposed at the beach although I do not do it often in the United States. However, I hope with the new line of Brasilian bottoms Victoria’s Secret is coming out, more women can feel more comfortable in their own skin. This is not something about showing off or trying to be center of attention. The beach is a public place where you are able to be as you wish. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I say, Brasilian all the way!

What do you guys say?


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