Put Down That Giant Heavy Bag!

Bags are a girl’s best friend right?

 To me, the bigger the handbag, the better but since it is summer, clutches are flooding the fashion scene. That giant bag we all cannot go anywhere without during the year, needs to be put away for the summer season. They are heavy and can be irritating lugging around especially when you are out with friends and you just want to bring some money, lipstick and car keys.

Clutches, on the other hand are too perfect for us women on-the-go! Whether you like them large with prints or small with a solid color, you cannot escape this on-going trend. Not only are clutches fashionable but they are small and easy to carry. They provide you with just enough space for the needed items and can add a chic look to your ensemble.

I personally am in love with the transparent clutch trend this season and with so many in the market, it’s hard not to find yourself picking one up.


(photo via pinterest)

I know we all drool for the designer handbags and clutches that cost us college working students probably two or three paychecks, so, why not opt for a cheaper version and enjoy it while it lasts? Remember that a trend is just a trend until you add your own personal style to it, you have to wear the trend in order to be noticed.

These are some of my favorite ones, you can click on them to purchase at their original sites.  Also Send us any photos of you using your summer clutches and let us if you love/hate them.

bcbg_max_azria_lulu_square_stone_clutch_neon_orange_[M]20015411 31W4GTyVCBL francescaclutch 2270_painted_floral_l 1496053_fpx.tif 1520307_fpx.tif


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