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Dating Season? What Do I Wear?!

What to wear on a date is probably the most overwhelming decision a girl has to make. Should I wear a dress? A blouse? Heels? Flats? Purse? Clutch? Jeans? Skirt?  The list never ends, ladies! Dating can either be fun or absolutely horrible and I know every girl out there has had her fair share of horrible and fun dates. But it seems that the horrible ones are the ones that are always the most memorable… Hmm.. Maybe because they make the best stories to laugh about with friends? YES! Haha, they’re the perfect story.

But to me, nothing is more embarrassing than underdressing or overdressing for a date. Superficial? No. I just think that every girl wants to feel beautiful. Clothes have a way to make us feel confident, so if you don’t feel that you dressed well or you have an inkling that the shirt you picked to wear makes you look “fat”, you can count on the date taking an epic downturn.

But no worries chicas ! We are here to help give you ideas of what to wear for these upcoming summer night dates. (Which are the best dates, whether it goes well or not !) Remember you can never have a second chance to make a first impression. An outfit can tell one of two things:

 If you take care of yourself & if you could be a potential non-embarrassing girlfriend.

Check out some of the looks I have styled using Polyvore and feel free to use them as inspirations!

Look 1— Just Fab


Floral dress, $40 / Jean jacket / Lauren Ralph Lauren wedge sandals / Gold flat, $34 / The Cambridge Satchel Company satchel handbag / Zad brown bracelet / Warehouse stud earrings, $8.95 / Nail polish

Look 2 — Oh, You Fancy? 

date 2: Fancy

Mossimo sleeveless shirt / River Island , $67 / Adriana Voloshchuk floral trousers, $120 / Vegan shoes / Topshop leather shoes / Pink purse / GUESS gold tone necklace

Look 3– Casually Cute

Date 3

H&M sleeveless top, $37 / Zara jersey knit blazer / River Island distressing jeans, $60 / Steve Madden gold studded loafer / Club Manhattan yellow gold bracelet, $31

 These three outfits would go perfect for any kind of date, from a dinner date to a theme park date, you can not go wrong with using one of these three outfits.

FIY — You never want to overdo it, especially if you actually think you might like this person.

 Do not drench yourself in perfume or make up, you do not want he/she thinking you are a powdery, smelly mess. We are all looking for someone real not plastic when we go on dates. You cannot imagine the amount of times my guy friends have told me how girls look fake with all that make-up that they wear.

 Let loose, have fun and always dress to impress.


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