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Trend Alert: Boyfriend Jeans

jeans 7

Tuck away the skinny jean and try out the trending boyfriend jean!  From celebrities and street style stars, these jeans are being pulled off by some of the most fabulous and stylish women in the game. These baggy blues are making a scene in the streets and looks like they are here to stay.

What is it about these jeans that is so fab? I’m guessing it could be the comfort or maybe even the grunge look  many of us are trying out. Whatever it is, it is working. I finally bought my first pair from the Gap today, and to be honest I cannot wait to wear them tomorrow!

In order to avoid the handyman look, try adding pumps and a fitted blouse.

You do not want to wear a shirt that is too loose because then you might end up looking like your going to paint your room. You can add pretty much anything to the jean such as a blazer, cardigan, kimono and even a jean jacket, if you want to try out the double denim movement.

Here are some great ways to style them before the summer ends!

What do you guys think of the boyfriend jean trend? Is it hot or not? Have you tried it yet?

If you do want to try it out, check out ASOS and the Gap for a pair.


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