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Dress Like The Bloggers: #EidStyle

One of the most beautiful celebrations for us, Muslims, is Eid. It is a day that commemorates the end of the long month fasting of Ramadan around the globe. Families gather together for the celebration and children exchange gifts.  It is also a fun holiday to show off a little bit your fashion style. For all of us, “young women” and “wanna-be fashionistas”, it is a day you can have everyone turn, look and commend, and everyone takes it seriously.

Finding an outfit this year was the most annoying thing ever. Not only was work taking all my time, but the little bit of time that I did have I just wanted to relax. So, of course, I did what I always do. Wait until the day before to go shopping for an outfit. WORST DECISION EVER. Not only was there NOTHING to buy but everything looked the same!

Black and white stripped blouses were everywhere.. Colored denim was never this easy to find… Hammer pants were up and down the aisles.. Crop tops were displayed on mannequins in every window….

For some reason, the more I wanted to escape the typical fashion scene, it ended up being all I could find. So, I really had to think, and thinking hard while being in a rush does not mix. I only had two hours to find an outfit and the stress was unreal!

I found a lovely long chiffon cardigan in Forever 21, and as much as I knew that almost every girl celebrating Eid in America would probably be shopping there, I had no choice. It was the most unique thing I found.  I decided to wear boyfriend jeans and studded flats with it to add a little edginess.

photo 1_2

I paired it with a black shirt, tucked in, with a black belt. I knew I was taking a risk with this outfit and I was either going to nail it or completely fail it. I ultimately ended up loving it and I think a lot of people did too.

I added a black and gold clutch, an wrist of bracelets and painted my nails white to add an even edgier touch. Along with a wrist of bracelets, I wore a Turquoise  Aztec boomerang necklace. When I found this necklace, I knew right away it was perfect.

I wore an army green scarf to bring out the colors in the cardigan and kept my makeup natural by wearing a purple lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. I wanted my face to glow so I added a shimmer to the side of my face.


Try my look–  

Forever 21 Cardigan / Gap Boyfriend Jeans / Studded Flats (similar) /

Aldo Clutch / Aztec Necklace (similar) / MAC Lipstick ‘Up the Amp’ /

What do you guys think? Do you think I pulled it off?


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