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Italy Loves Neon

As I situate myself back from my trip, I recall all of the fashion trends I saw this Summer. From fringe bags to sneaker heels, there were a bunch of new fads that I had not seen worn in Jersey. One thing that caught my attention was the use of neon. Living in New Jersey, when I see someone wearing neon it is either A. because they are attending Dayglow or B. they are attending any EDM type of event. So when I went to Venice, Italy and was surrounded by neon colors everywhere and no, they were not going to any electric event, I was caught by surprise.

One day, my friend and I decided to go to the city to do some shopping. This is where we saw must of the neon fad being displayed. I noticed a lot of people not afraid of mixing colors, something that I have become very hesitant to do. Below are some of the images I captured of some friendly people and of random accessories I saw meanwhile in Venice. These two ladies were extremely nice and loved fashion. They loved expressing themselves through their clothing especially in vibrant colors.  Don’t forget to check out the man’s fabulous neon and grey bag that I loved!

Out of all the neon trends I saw in Italy, I would probably only want to steal that neon and gray handbag from the lovely gentlemen. But, hey! this is how they wore it. No one is obligated to like the same things you do. This is how they decided to wear their neons. However…

This is how I would wear it…celebrity edition!

I’m all up for neon, but keeping it subtle. Simplicity is key. If you are not a big fan of neon colors or are afraid to try them, perhaps starting off with neon colored nails or neon accessories could help get over this fashion fear! Personally, I absolutely love how Selena Gomez’s dress is white but yet has that touch of neon which drastically changes the dress to a WOW. Check out how Miranda Kerr has on a simple cheetah print blouse and then adds this fabulous neon bag to complete her outfit! So if there is one thing we should take home, don’t be afraid of neons! Not all who wear neons are fans of EDM!


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