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My Issue With Trends Is…

Hi guys, so this past week I went to a Backstreet Boys concert at the PNC Bank Art Center. It was absolutely amazing! I had such a blast and they were so amazing and I have to say they did not loose their touch.

I knew the scene would be mostly girls ranging from 18 years old all the way up to the forty’s but I was wrong. I saw all ages. There was families everywhere and I could not believe the million little girls, who did not even grow up in that generation still knowing the words to every song.

Finding a concert outfit can be difficult. Many girls make the most irritating mistake of wearing heels to a concert and yes, I know, I know, “To each’s own”, but seriously this is a fashion NO-NO. You are attending a concert to let loose and have a little bit of fun, not worry about breaking your ankle and how much your feet are hurting you right now.

At the concert, I saw a lot of different summer trends that grew super popular this summer, such as  crop tops, high waisted shorts, high low dresses, colored denim and neon blouses. But the one thing about the trends there was no thought in styling them.

Just because there is a hot trend right now does not mean you have to wear it the way everyone else is. You need to own the trend and make it yours not just wear the trend.

The most typical outfit I saw everywhere was the high waisted shorts with a crop top shirt. But I saw it worn in all sorts of ways, some had their cheeks hanging out, some had some muffin top issues and then some totally rocked it.

I think my biggest issue about what I saw is that, people are so quick to wear what’s hot without thinking of how to wear it.

So ladies and gents, please to all of us who love fashion and love wearing a trend, make sure you own it like you are the one who made it a trend, do not just wear it like everyone else.

The key is, you do not want to look like you are trying too hard and you want to become the trendsetter.

Here are some images of outfits that rock the trend and can help for some outfit inspiration


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