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Back At Rutgers: Outfit Edition

photo 1Hey fashion lovers!

It’s finally that time of the year again where everyone seems to be putting away their tanning lotion and heading back to school. We, the bloggers here at The Devil Flies in Prada, could not wait to show you our back to school look! As Journalism and Media Studies students at Rutgers University we prepared our coffee and books early in the morning for our Media Ethics class. This marked our one year of meeting each other in the fall semester of 2012.

We were excited to pull out our favorite outfits being that the weather seemed to do us justice. Even though it was after Labor Day, Maiy decided to commit a fashion crime…wear white pants after Labor Day. Whether you abide by this rule or not, as ridiculous as it may seem, everyone is entitled to wear whatever they chose and ideally whatever makes them feel content. Maiy decided to wear them and she looked fantastic! The army green combo with white flare pants, gave this  back to school look that sophisticated yet trendy look. You never want to overdress to the point you are uncomfortable for class.

However, you don’t want to underdress to the point where you look like you just stepped out of bed.  It’s all about balance. Trust us, we both know how lazy we can get out of bed, but when the sun’s up and you feel good in your skin, do not be afraid to step out on campus looking trendy.

Check out our back to school look below and tell us what you think…

Get our look:


Blouse – Forever 21

Pants – Arden B

Necklace – Aldo


Tank Top – Top Shop 

Silk Pants – Forever 21

Sandals – Steve Madden


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