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Dress like the Bloggers?

For those of you who follow our blog, you know that we like to do a common post called “Dress like the Bloggers“. Today, this post is a little bit different, the title has a question mark. Why, you might ask? This new question mark addition includes outfits we have tried on at stores, fell in love, but didn’t purchase them for one reason or another. I sometimes can’t afford my style taste so here is our very first “Dress like the Bloggers?”

I went shopping today with two items in mind to purchase, shoes and makeup. However, when I stepped into BebeI fell head over heels over three extraordinary pieces. The first outfit I tried on was a Printed Scuba Mini Skirt with the matching Paisley Scuba Crop Top. If it hasn’t been obvious in my previous posts, I am a sucker for crop tops and this baby wasn’t going to be left hanging, literally. The matching pieces fit extremely well to the body and the stretch material made it extremely comfortable keeping it flexible enough to move in. Check out the images below for pricing details and better deals.

My second outfit also at Bebe that I loved was a black, back-less jumpsuit with a deep V. This elegant black with gold detailed, Benson Jumpsuit was just extraordinaire. However, the fit was not great in the chest area as slimming  as it was throughout the rest of the body. Perhaps, it would look great on you! I loved these outfits but didn’t purchase them.  Sales are my best friends and I can’t wait until these stunner outfits get their price tags reduced…until then!

Printed Scuba Mini Skirt from Bebe: $79.00

Paisley Scuba Crop Top from Bebe: $59.00

Total: $138.00 + tax

Better deal? Get the Paisley V Neck Scuba Dress from Bebe for $119.00

Benson Jumpsuit from Bebe: $139.00


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