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Inspiring the Devil Who Flies in Prada

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.”

As fashion bloggers it is important not only to share our fashion thoughts but also give insight on other fashion bloggers who are an inspiration to us and perhaps to you too.  There are hundreds of females and males who have started fashion blogging and have made it far in the fashion industry. This is a true inspiration, especially for two girls like us who try to balance school, work, internships and committing to this blog we have created. Through blogging we can finally express who we are and what are passions are. Other inspiring bloggers also share these passions and give us motivation to keep doing what we love.

It is a pleasure to introduce (or reintroduce) two individuals who aspire to inspire others with their creativity. Both of these young fashionistas are students like us who try to share with the world their own take on fashion and creation.

Qilo, is a hat line founded by Jarrell Chalmers who uses pineapples as a signature logo. Jarrell, is also a Rutgers student like the bloggers here at The Devil Flies in Prada. His hats have been spreading like wildfire over time and keep growing. Students all over campus have been seen wearing the infamous pineapple and kilogram hats and let us not forget to mention Joey Bada$$ and his collective team Pro Era! Jarrell and the Qilo squad are truly an inspiration to creative designers who grow up with big dreams and go on to create even bigger things.

Check out the hats by clicking the link  or take a look at the designers tumblr.

+ check out the full Qilo Story on Rutgers Daily Targum website written by The Devil Flies in Prada blogger, Ana Catarina

Another inspiring blogger of mine would be Maria Fernandez. AloClasssy is a fashion blog also from a college student with an impeccable sense of style! Fernandez uses her blog to showcase her own style and how she decides to mix and match certain pieces. She has even inspired me on my look for today, stylish sweats as seen on The Devil Flies in Prada instagram account. Her style is flirty, chic and most importantly classy. This fashionista keeps her posts brief with a wide variety of images implementing each detail on her outfit. Check out her blogspot for some fashion inspiration by clicking the link above!

Here are some of my favorite looks from AloClasssy:

Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers or designers? Leave us a comment with some of your favs!


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