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Inspiration Week: New York


Fashion in the streets of New York is nothing like what you see on the runway. But, of course who wears exactly what you see on the runway, anyway, right?

Going in and out of the city every week, I get to see a crowd of people dressed in some of the most stylish outfits.  Whether you are strolling along Bleeker Street in Soho or right in the heart of Lincoln Center, every where you turn you will spot something worth noting. From the bold accessory pieces to the funky colored hair and Celine color blocked bags, New York never seems to disappoint me in some fashion inspiration.

S t r ee t   s ty l e  floods the fashion scene now-a-days here and I cannot help but want to join. The style is sleek and clean. And for someone who loves to be edgy, this style is  so different and unique and creates an edge, which is why I like it so much.

The style-savvy ladies and gents that rush through the streets, scrambling to get to work, never show signs of wardrobe malfunctions and never  get that straight-face look off their faces. They have to keep a certain degree of composure and if they slip and show a faint smile, their self confidence lowers, but you would never see that because their clothing is their emotion. It’s such a beautiful sight.

You spot items that you would never think to wear and you meet people who live for clothes. The streets of New York are a runway on its own, and the models are all those people walking up and down, rushing through the crowds of tourists, trying to get to their destination. It’s like everyday you can be a different person without anyone noticing, just by a change of style. This is why New York City is one of my  style inspirations. It is a place where fashion lives and those who love fashion, follow it everywhere it moves.


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