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Inspiration Week: Yeezy Taught Her Well

It’s not the name around her brand that I love, it’s her style and the way she carries herself.


Although she is the media’s favorite person to degrade and praise at the same time, no matter what, her style and fashion are a headline on their own. She always continues to ‘WOW!’ the public when she arrives on the red carpet and keeps setting the bar every time she steps out

I said this before and I will repeat it one more time, Kim Kardashian is a walking fashion statement. She does not have a skinny body, in fact she has wide hips but yet she makes it work for her.

She dresses with class and the pieces she sometimes chooses to wear are B O L D. She is not afraid of dressing the way she wants and that is why she is so inspiring. Very few people know that Kim is a former celebrity stylist, which is no wonder to me that she always looks perfect.

On the episode of Keeping up With the Kardashian’s when Kim first introduced Kanye West to the show. They were in the beginning of their relationship and he wanted to clean out her whole closet. He wanted to take out her whole wardrobe and replace it with a style he felt she could pull off better than her original style. Ever since this transformation, she has been pulling off looks that are worshiped by all fashion addicts.

She is one biggest entrepreneur to hit Hollywood and is the epitome of perfect style. She knows how to carry herself very elegantly and has brought back voluptuous curves to the fashion scene. She knows how to mix classy items with extravagant details and still continues to look edgy. Kim is one of the fashion muses I admire and have even stolen one of her looks when I was attending a wedding before.

From the sexy mini dresses and Louboutins to an everyday pair of jeans, Kim K is a style icon that is so glamorous all the time.

These are some of my favorite looks from Kim K, pay attention to the details and the accessories she applies. She really is fabulous!

(Photos Via Google and Pinterest)


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