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Dress Like the Bloggers: Addicted to Black

Known to be one of the classiest and, might I add, sexiest colour to wear, black is my absolute favorite color to wear. It just looks great on everyone. And I am addicted to it.

It first became the colour of fashion in the beginning of the 14th century when government officials in Europe began to wear black robes. Kings and nobility quickly picked up on the elegance of the colour and it became a sign of importance and seriousness of their positions.

It is the colour of self-control and discipline, it is often seen as the colour of sophistication. It gives off an impression of class, elegance and confidence. The colour goes with everything, is flattering to wear since it makes us look slim, and it could never really go away. There isn’t a certain season for this colour, you can wear it anytime you want to! No wardrobe or outfit is ever complete without a little bit of black, whether you notice it or not. From a black blouse to even just a black bra, there’s always a black staple in our wardrobe.

Catarina and I want to show you how we have styled the color black in our wardrobe.

I hope we have given you some inspiration for your black wardrobe.

Anytime I go shopping, for some reason, I always seem to be picking up something black, just because it is ultimately my favorite colour to wear.

 Many high-fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs and Chanel feature many black, classy products including clothing and accessories.  So, if you don’t wear black, I suggest you try it out. I promise you will be hooked.

These are some of my favorite black outfits.


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