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Dress Like the Bloggers: Ana Catarina

Happy weekend to everyone!

With the weather behaving itself, take this time to show off some of your best outfits without the need of extra layering. Last night a couple of close friends of mine and I went to the city that never sleeps for a spectacular night of Fado. Fado is a music genre derived from Portugal. Most of the songs are characterized as mournful tunes and songs about longing. The Portuguese call this sentiment, saudade, the only word to have no English translation. We went to see Mariza, one of the most popular fado singers today at Carnegie Hall.

I knew for this type of event, I would want to wear something more sophisticated and appropriate for the breathtaking venue. I’ve been extremely inspired by the attire on this season’s American Horror Story and decided to add my own little twist to it. I knew I wanted to wear black, my favorite color, to this type of concert. But I decided to match my black faux leather skater skirt with a white bow blouse.

Here is the final outfit and inspiration:

I loved, loved, loved this look for this event. It was dark, mysterious, trendy and yet fun. My faux leather skirt was bought for only $10.99 at Finale, a boutique in Downtown New Brunswick. My white bow blouse was from ASOS, my favorite online store for $56.95 paired with dark black stockings and heeled booties from Mandees. Like the look? Get it here all at ASOS:

These pieces separately at ASOS are indeed a bit more than I’d like to pay for them. So don’t be hesitant to go on websites like, Retail Me Not, to get all your coupons for a better deal. Also, ASOS has new coupons and deals everyday. Sometimes keeping these items in your saved items or even cart can really benefit you in the long run, it sure did for me!

I hope you guys liked this look and make sure to enjoy this marvelous weather. I leave you here with one of my favorite Mariza photos and the beautiful capital of Portugal, Lisbon:

(Photos via Google and Tumblr)


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