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3d3142ff0abdcd346a713729cc86f199Happy Almost New Year Fashion-Addicts! ♠

As the year finally comes to a close, let’s take a look at some of 2013’s best celebrity trendsetting moments.

There are seven celebrities took fashion to a whole new level this year and completely wow’d me every single time.

M I L E Y  C Y R U S

The year of 2013 was undoubtedly her year. Her year of fashion, music, and on-stage moments  that made us all want to stick our tongues out and tell all the haters to “Eff Off”! But underneath the skin barring ensembles and the music video that made headlines, her sense of style has created an urge to want to see what she pulls off next. From the cringe-worthy Tom Ford boots with a Tupac/Biggie mini dress worn at the  2013 EMA’s to the beautiful Azzaro dress worn at the Elton John Oscars Party, she never lets us miss a beat. The most talked about woman of 2013, hands down is her. Can’t wait for more in 2014.

K E R R Y  W A S H I N G T O N

Her TV debut in “Scandal” has made her become one of the toughest chicks we know. Her flawless beauty and red carpet appearances has made her an influential woman in fashion this year. She continues to just pull it off, even when you can’t and manages to look elegant. We are a huge fan of Ms. Washington and cannot wait for more Scandal.

S A N D R A  B U L L O C K

A woman who has transformed so much in the year of 2013 with the help of a new stylist. Probably one of the most underrated style stars, she has been seen to take more risks on the red-carpet and wear more runway designs. She has evolved so much in the year and with 2014 right around the corner, you can only expect more fabulous looks from this charming actress.


A power couple that represents the world we live in now: Glamour, hip-hop and fashion. Fashion is nothing but a hobby to them and they cannot be one without the other. Kanye has been in the fashion scene for years, and ever since he got with Kim, her style has expanded much more into a mix of high-fashion, retro and edgy. Their passion for fashion is one thing they have common, and they do it SO well! We absolutely love them.



Another infamous hip-hop star. She has quickly grown to be her own person with a unique style that no one else can look as good in. Mixing glam with street style is something she is so good at and can pull off so perfectly. Her style shows she is not afraid to take risks, and shows that she is a woman of sass. Rihanna will always be a fashion guru, just because of her wild combinations and beauty. Not to mention her sell out Mac Rhi-Rhi Heart’s collection that I am completely in love with.

L I  L Y  C O L L I N S

Such a fresh face in 2013 but quickly became the modern day Audrey Hepburn. Although she is still evolving in the world of fashion, I have to admit I adore her and her sense of classy style. She is one that doesn’t have to try too hard to pull off a look, she is a clear example of wearing the clothes not letting the clothing wear her. I cannot wait to see more of her in 2014. I have quickly grown to love her.

Let’s take a look at these celebrities best looks for the year of 2013.

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