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She’s fabulous


A face we have all come to know from one of the most watched fashion shows on TV, E! Fashion Police, I have a new found love for her and have come to the realization that she is one of the most stylish people in the fashion scene that no one has come to adore.

Kelly Osbourne has come a long way from her teenage hot topic punk-rocker looks back when MTV reality show, “The Osbournes”, premiered almost a decade ago. She has turned into a high fashion trendsetter with her creative style and edgy couture. Her style and the way she carries herself makes her easily one of my early 2014 style spotlights because I cannot wait to see more of her fashion in the new year.


She has such a one-of-kind look. Her grayish purple hair has been her boldest statement and most distinctive features that even the bosses at E! have forbade her to change it.

At Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference back in April, Kelly told E!, “I’m contracted to this hair, I can’t change it for two years. I wanted to go green, but I wouldn’t be able to work anymore.”

It’s okay Kelly, we all love your pretty purple lavender locks.

She knows how to highlight her curves in a classy way and her style remains loyal to a few of designers  because no matter her size, they have not strayed away from her. Chanel is one of her particular favorites as well as Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Besty Johnson. As for shopping on a budget, Kelly even says, “Put your money in your handbags and shoes and one nice blazer and everything else can be vintage and high-street and no one will know.”

From her chic list of designers to her shopping budget,Kelly has a unique style that you should all start to watch. I have added a new style icon to my list.

These are my favorite looks from Kelly’s revolutionized style, don’t you love her now that you actually took a look at her? [Click the photos to see them bigger]

[Photos via StyleBistro]



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