Trend Alert: Leo and Plaid

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.35.50 PM✨ H O T   N E W   T R E N D ✨

Remember how my last Hot New Trend post featured Jessica Alba on her amazing chiffon midi skirt? Well the style guru strikes again in this new hot new trend alert. Make way for this season’s must have combo! That’s right ladies (and gents) mixing leopard prints and plaid is totally in. This fashion risk can either be a disaster or completely fabulous depending on how one styles the prints.  It’s no question that combining prints can be a risk, but the animal print that everyone loves accented on some plaid garments is a recipe for perfection. Just ask Ms. Alba herself? How cute does she look with her sleeveless plaid and cheetah clutch? Amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 1.12.41 PM


1. Wear leopard details with plaid garments rather than plaid details with leopard garments. The subtle cheetah print is what makes your plaid trousers or flannel stand out.

2. Don’t overdo the print. Wear one plaid garment, such as pants or blouse rather than mixing both. Although this is one of my favorite styles this season (plaid on plaid) adding the leopard print to the excessive plaid can feel like a bit too much.

3. My favorite way to style this look? Wear a flannel with a cute pair of cheetah flats or cheetah clutch! Just the right amount of leopard detail you need and who doesn’t love a comfy flannel?

Check out these fab women and how they mix their leo and plaid:

Subtle details go a long way:

Not to be misunderstood with Leo in plaid:

(All images via Pinterest)

Hope you like this trend! I sure do! Can’t wait to incorporate this style onto my own closet. Have you mixed plaid and leopard before? Send us an image to be posted on our Fashionably You page. (Check out Fashionably You to see how Lisa Dias mixes plaid and leopard)


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