Dress like the Bloggers

Dress Like The Bloggers: My Winter Staples.

UntitledSo, pretty much this entire winter I lived through two pieces of items:  my black H&M Knit over the shoulder loose fitting sweater and my Red Timberland boots.

The winter is one of my favorite times because as a Hijabi, I can layer up as much as I want since I am so skilled at it during all the other seasons but for some reason this winter, I rarely got “dressed up”. It could have been because of work, or because of the no motivation to do ANYTHING or just because we had another blizzard and it would take too much effort to dress up and worry about slipping on the ice… blah, blah, blah.

So, in the event of my lazy pursuits, I pretty much wore my black knit sweater A LOT. But I don’t think anyone noticed since my trick was to style it differently every time I wore it. I  am usually one of those people who doesn’t usually wear an outfit twice and its not because I am spoiled or think that it is not normal but its because for some reason the first time you wear an outfit looks different than the second or third time.

Not only that but … sometimes I forgot how styled it the first time so the second time I just do not even like the way it comes out looking.

So for this winter, I wore that black knitted sweater a lot and my key was like I said to style it differently so that no one would notice, along with my statement red timbs.

Could you guys tell that was the same sweater in each photo pictured above? 

Here are some OOTD inspirations that I have come up with using my own real life outfits.

OOTD No. 1

I paired up a leopard scarf with red lipstick and a black bag with black booties. With a simple outfit like this, you cannot go wrong. Adding a simple bracelet can instantly take the outfit from looking casual to looking chic effortlessly. It is important to always try to keep it simple. When you are simple you are classy, always.

OOTD No. 2

I just told you that red timbs were an instant staple this winter, so I added it in this look for you guys. It’s different. Trying something new can turn out awesome. I cannot tell you how many complements I get every time I wear these things! Totally in love with them, SO glad I bought them.


When you think about it, you can do so much with one simple black sweater. These are some ideas I have done myself with the sweater. When styling such a simple item, the ideas are completely endless.

When styling any particular item do not be afraid to wear it more than once. The sweater I put in those collages is the same one I wore multiple different ways. It is okay to reuse your clothing, I mean you bought them for a reason right!?

Show us your style in our Fashionably You page.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.53.38 AM


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