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The Devil Wears Sneakers


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IMG_14341 Lets admit it, we all sometimes just want to throw on a pair of comfortable shoes and walk out the door, but due to our need of wanting to look good everyday we always have to sacrifice being comfortable with looking chic.

Every fashionista and isto (of course) deserve to try out a pair of sneakers in their wardrobe because what is a better look than chic and comfortable? Glamour reported about it back in February since they were spotted all throughout fashion week and although many celebrities are already rocking their kicks, there’s quite a number of designers opting for them also.

Right now is the perfect time for you to start looking for your perfect pair with the spring weather approaching and summer time almost here, sneakers always look best during the nice weather. Style it with shorts, a skort or even a pair of joggers, the possibilities are endless and you are on your way to completing the sneaker look.

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Rihanna and Rita Ora are two celebs who wear sneakers more than often. They still have their lady heels but also wear sneakers to add a different look to their outfits. Along with Rita and Rihanna, Kim K has also been spotted in sneakers also.

Whether you are on the go or wanting to try something unique, do not hesitate to  grab a new pair of air maxes or even a fresh pair of J’s. These sneakers never go out of style and they also allow you to stay comfortable. I’m sure we all have seen the reports of the wedge sneaker trend, and if that’s what you want to try to keep it girly rather than sporty then go right ahead!

You can check out Foot Locker, Nordstrom and Nike for a huge selection of women’s sneakers!

I, myself, am a huge Nike fan, whether it’s a casual pair or work out pair, I am always buying a new pair. You could say I got this addiction from working at one of the leading global retailers of athletic shoes and apparel … or you could say I just love sneakers, either way, they work in my wardrobe and they can work in yours too.

I styled a pair of Air Jordan Retro 1’s both at the Kanye concert and during our Fashion Week outing. Although they are a pair of kicks, you can still dress them up without worrying about the “sporty” look.

If you want to try the bright color sneaker with a pair of leggings look that I have been seeing on every corner of the City, check out a pair of Nike Frees or Roshe Runs. These two are not only comfortable but they are really cute to wear.

Check out below how me and some of my  style savvy friends styled some of the hottest sneakers out.

What do you guys think? Do you want to try a pair of sneakers now?

Comment below and tell us what you think, and if you have styled a pair already, submit it to our Fashionably You page!

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