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Dress Like The Bloggers: On The Run

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69443a19bc265418b334586112c65b4bSo, this Fourth of July weekend has been so much fun! From barbecues, surprise parties to Beyoncè and Jay-Z, this weekend could not have been any better!

On Saturday, Jul. 5, I attended the On the Run: Jay-Z and Beyoncè concert and no words could ever describe how amazing it was. I just know that there is no way Beyoncè is human, ok? How do you dance IN heels and sing with absolutely no vocal mess ups? Not only that but she performed about 21 songs by herself, not even including the songs her and Jay performed together.


Preparations for the concert were a little tedious though. I did not go shopping for an outfit, because I just really did not want to spend more money, so the night before the concert all I did was make potential outfits in my room. I knew I definitely was not going to wear heels and wasn’t going to wear anything too fancy. With Jay and Bee, their style captures different looks constantly and I wanted to embody a look that was inspired by their different styles.

I wanted to wear something that combined Retro and Chic since their looks embody both of those styles a lot. I decided to wear black (as usual). I wore a black Biggie shirt from forever 21 with a pair of black loose pants from H&M. I tucked the shirt in the pants so the bagginess of the pant could show and I topped it with a gold chain that I wore to Yeezus, a few midi rings and gold arm accessories. I wore a black hijab on my head, on my feet I wore a pair of rusty looking sandals, and wore red lipstick from MAC called “Ruby Woo“.


If you guys like my outfit and wanna style some of the key pieces here are some similar pieces.

Forever 21 / Forever 21 / Invisible Bully (Also available at select Foot Action stores)

Forever 21 / H&M / PacSun

Steve Madden / Belk Dolca Vita Sandal / Aldo Shoes

If you guys have styled any of these piece please submit it to our Fashionably You page! What do you think of my outfit?  Tell us below.


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