About the Bloggers


Catarina and Maiy

The idea for this blog began in my Creative Blogging class in which I had originally created a blog dedicated to controversial tweets on twitter from celebrities. At the end of the course I decided to continue on blogging but go through a different route and do what I love, fashion. Being that I will be traveling to Europe this summer, I have decided to incorporate trends that I see around the cities as well as my own styles.

I am addicted to social media site, Instagram, and will post some of my photos onto here as well. I am open to any suggestions and even have a Fashionably You page in which anyone can send me photos of themselves in outfits that they really liked as well as a link to their blog or any site of their wish. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and continues to support me.

Best wishes, xoxo

Ana Catarina Pereira

 My name is Maiy [May] Elbery and I am Catarina’s assistant on this blog. I graduated Rutgers University with a major in Journalism and Media Studies and a minor in Human Resource Management. I have had a continued love for fashion since I was in high school but during my college career, my style and sense of fashion has evolved and keeps evolving each year.

I have interned Amy Acton, a broadcast stylist who has clients at NBC Sports, The Weather Channel, The Golf Channel, ABC News, and a lot more. As an intern I worked side-by-side with Amy as she finds outfits for broadcasters and sets up annual styling changes for certain networks. She attends events almost every week, and as much as you may think it’s glamorous, it’s really not. Living the life of a stylist means you’re always on the road or in the office preparing certain clients for events, doing returns, or having to go out and go shopping.

The blog is called Sports, Style and Swagger on Blogger and the Facebook page has the same name. I love what I do with her, and I hope I can make a difference in her company by launching an awesome website as well as making her stay up-to-date on her social media skills.

I love blogging, especially about fashion and I hope you guys enjoy our page as we continue to write about something we both have a passion for and thanks for all your support.

Love always,

Maiy Elbery


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